Transformational Coaching

Helping you to be the ultimate YOU and living in the moment within flow. Embrace your own life purpose.


Therapeutic Coaching

Helping you release the expectations and demands of every day life. Creating harmony and balance while finding your inner joy.


Intimacy Coaching

Helping you develop loving and meaningful relationships, uncover answers regarding your sexuality, move forward from divorce or death of spouse, move beyond beliefs and values that are not your own and safely explore taboos.


Separation Coaching

Helping you move forward from the heartbreak and challenges caused by separation or divorce.

Personal Life Coaching


Transformational coaching will help you to become the ultimate YOU. Living in the moment and within flow. First we will develop a greater awareness of who you are and where you are at right now. Then we will work together to help you unlock the secrets of your mind, to achieve your ultimate inner peace. Then I will inspire you to embrace and live with congruency to your own life purpose. We will set goals and create achievable working steps to manifesting all your desires.


Therapeutic coaching will help you in finding release from the expectations, stresses and demands that are placed on you in every day life. Together we will work to create harmony and balance by releasing emotions, beliefs and influences that are no longer serving your best interest. Then we go on a journey of discovery to find out what gives you inner joy and happiness. Finally we create ways to incorporate these in your day to day living which will raise every aspect of your life.


Intimacy coaching will help you develop loving and meaningful relationships, gently guide you in moving forward from divorce or death of spouse, work in uncovering answers regarding sexuality, break through barriers and move beyond family or religious beliefs and values that are not your own which may be holding you back from having the relationships you desire. Intimacy coaching is also a great way to help you explore any inner taboos in a safe and healthy way.


Going through a separation or divorce can be a heartbreaking, challenging experience. Finding yourself at a place in your life you never expected to be in, with no certainty or direction, becomes overwhelming and highly emotional at times. With gentle guidance and an amazing set of tools we will work together to see you through this difficult phase. Together we will put in to place all the skills you need to move forward and begin the next new and wonderful chapter of your life.


Sarah has the ability to incorporate my quirks and beliefs into strategies to help myself and to look for paths forward. Her style is approachable, kind gentle yet firm. She is very insightful and supportive, she easily sees outside the square and into your future. Her guidance has helped me no end and she has given me the tools to keep going, to keep moving forward to stay on track and to help myself.

I would happily recommend Sarah Radford as a Life Coach to anyone really wanting to make profound changes and move forward in their lives.

~ C. Meier

I was in a place where I knew I could do better, I could be better than what I was but there were things holding me back. Emotional baggage and influences from my childhood that were still controlling me.

Then I met with Sarah and she took me on a compassionate journey of self discovery. With her guidance I have been able to let go of many of those emotions and release myself from the cage of other peoples thoughts and ideas and beliefs that I felt trapped in. With her guidance, for the first time in my adult life, I feel like I am my own person; whole and able to create a future for myself that I want and is in touch with my values and desires.

Meeting Sarah has changed my life in immeasurable ways, all for the better.

~ J. Cole

Sarah has a great intuitive ability to connect with her client and identify the root cause of the issue then address it with her wonderful skills... this is coaching at a truly deep and meaningful level that achieves very real results.

~ R. Parkinson

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